DevOps BootCamp

Rendez-vous le samedi 21 juillet 2018 au Technopark de Casablanca pour le DevOps BootCamp Using (VSTS) & Open Source (OSS) Tools avec Anas Belabbes.


On Saturday, June 17th 2017 was running all around the world between 9am to 5pm the first Global DevOps Bootcamp.
Globally we had three main and amazing sponsors to facilitate all the organization of this event: Solidify, Xpirit and Microsoft.
If you would like to read all the story after the event, checkout this blog post. A great momentum, very happy for being part of it! Some numbers:

  • 30 locations – 4 in Canada (Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec and Toronto)
  • 20 countries
  • 1500 VMs hosted in 8 different Azure datacenters

Locally, in Quebec city, Cofomo and the Communauté Microsoft Azure Québec were our sponsors, thanks to Cofomo we got a room and coffee/snacks for this day. Thanks a lot for that!

DevOps is the union of people, process and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users. – Donovan Brown

In terms of organization, prior the event, it was a great and rich experience, based on the global content provided (keynote video/presentation and challenge content) it was the opportunity for us locally to adapt and deliver this content on our own, you could find the presentation we did and the content of the 3 challenges the attendees run.